Application-1Laser Plastic Welding

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Process problem of existing method
  1. for Screw:limitation of parts size and shape
  2. for Adhesive joint:Storage management is difficult
  3. Ultrasonic bonding:Damage to parts by vibration
Benefit of Laser processing
  1. No need Screw!
  2. No need Adhesive!
  3. No damage to sencitive parts!

Application-2Laser Soldering

Laser Soldering image

Process problem of existing method
  1. Reflow:Affect to peripheral parts by heating of whole parts
  2. Maintenance of soldering iron is hard
Benefit of Laser processing
  1. Heat welding only for neccesary portion!
  2. No need maintenance of soldering iron!

Application-3Others(as Laser Light Source)

M710A could be suitable laser light source for various applications.

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