Configured with laser diode as direct processing light source, optical fiber and laser optics system in compact body.The laser beam is suitable for laser plastic welding, laser soldering, laser brazing and other processing.


Convenient external control function to equip in your automated machine.

Input signal interface for LD on/off. Electric Current setting, Power on/off, interlock and etc.

Line-up of 200μm core fiber(30W)

Choice of Φ200μm or Φ400μm or Φ600μm(Φ200μm is only for 30W model).

Compact Integrated Design

Equipped LD chip, LD drive, LD cooling unit and peltier drive in compact body by integrated structure.

Various output head line-up

Imaging magnifications are selectable depends on applications(Line-up x1, x1.5, x2 against diameter of fiber core).

Contacts for inquiries such as products information, sample processing requirement.

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