Specification & Option

Main Body

Main Body Model M710A30 M710A45
Laser Type Semiconductor Laser
Oscillator Type CW
Max. Output Power 30W 45W
Wavelength 808nm 976nm 808nm
Cooling Method Peltier air cooling
Safety Function Emergency stop, External interlock
External Control Current Setting, Power ON/OFF, Alarm signal output
Power Supply Voltage AC100V±10% or 220V±10%、50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 850VA Max. 950VA
Operating Temperature 10℃~30℃
Operating Humidity Less than 70%RH(Non condensing)
Dimension (WxDxH) Approx. 430mm x 460mm x 250mm
(except projection portion)
Weight Approx. 25kg
Optical Fiber Core Diameter Φ200μm or 400μm or 600μm Φ400μm or 600μm
NA 0.22
Fiber Length 3m
Output Haed Imaging Magnification x1 or x1.5 or x2
Beam Spot Size* Φ200~1,200μm Φ400~1,200μm

*mark: Beam Spot Size is fixed by fiber core diameter and output head


Output head with guide Light

Output head with guide Light

Available to check laser output position visually by guide light

Output head with CCD monitor camera

Output head with CCD monitor camera

Available to see processing location through CCD monitor camera

Optical Scanning Unit

Optical Scanning Unit

Compact and high-precision Scanner using high-precision optical encorder on the galvano motor.

  • Conforming Beam Diameter: Φ14~20mm
  • Conforming Wavelength:
  • Scan Angle ±10deg
  • Command Resolution: 0.51μrad

System Integration with M710A

XY stage system

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