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Laser & Trimming System By Category
Laserfront works behind the scenes to help realize a higher quality of life with better convenience. Laserfront contributes to the society in various ways such as correcting fine tuning miniature electronics parts (trimming), and reducing stress of medical treatments.
Chip resistor trimmingFunctional part trimmingMedical lasers
Laser resistor trimming system
Miniature chip resistors make a major contribution to the miniaturization of electrical appliances. They are manufactured through printing, baking, vacuum evaporating and carrying out other processes on ceramic materials. However, it is the chip resistor trimming system that makes adjustments to any irregularities that arise during these processes.
Miniature chip resistor
Multiple chip resistor
Network resistor
Functional part trimming system
The function trimming system makes real time adjustments to irregularities in electrical properties while the assembled composite parts or unit is actually operating.
Thick film integrated circuits
Hybrid integrated circuits
Functional parts
Medical lasers
Laser can be used in operations to make incisions, for transpiration, to promote clotting, to stop bleeding and so on. Since it allows for minimally invasive treatment with minimal pain, we help improve patients' quality of life.
Dental lasers
Cosmetic lasers
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