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  • Semiconductor
    Wafer Marking system

    Marking on semiconductor wafer using LASER is non-contacting dry process and this method has many advantages such as microfabrication, delicate, indelible, clean and flexible. LASER MARKING contributes stable traceability and high-efficiency for automation of production process.

  • General
    Laser Trimming machine, Pulse laser welder

    The thermal denaturation generated when laser light is irradiated on the surface of a workpiece enables the processing of a wide range of materials including metals, semi-conductors, resins and ceramics. Laser has many merits including the enabling of non-contact, elaborate, detailed and indelible material processing, being a dry-process and flexible, and is advantageous in automating the manufacturing process.

  • General
    Laser Oscillator and units
    LD pumped Nd:YAG Laser oscillators, Laser systems for medical field

    The Laser diode (LD) pumped laser oscillator for processing is a reliable laser light source packed with years of know-how and is OEM supplied to various fields including the industrial and the medical.

By Application

  • Semiconductor
    Welding & Cutting
    Laser welding, Plastic welding

    Laser technology that gives very stable, high energy concentrated, high-speed control combined with optimal wavelength and processing condition settings allows for high grade welding and cutting of various materials. Through the 30 plus years of processing know-how we have accumulated, Laserfront consults on high-quality processing across the board.

  • General
    Chip resistor trimming, Functional part trimming, Medical lasers

    Laserfront works behind the scenes to help realize a higher quality of life with better convenience. Laserfront contributes to the society in various ways such as correcting defects (repairs), fine tuning miniature electronics parts (trimming), and reducing stress of medical treatments.

  • General
    Laser wafer marking, wafer marking system

    LASER MARKING on wafer is required very high quality marking. It contributes stable traceability on semiconductor process.