product M800



These Laserservers are low output pulse lasers that suit the welding of small-scale/precision metal components. While they are compact, they are packed with advanced features you would expect from deluxe models.

Special & Advantages

In the sample processing order, please describe following information.

The LCD touch screen panel allowing simple operations, the interactive software and the various energy control functions all combine to control heat warping and minimize welding defects.

Choose according to use

Two types: The M801C (50W) and the M801CH (80W). The Laserservers come with various options luding an optical resolution system, power feedback and network monitoring making them user friendly units.


  • Small-scale motor bearings
  • Battery tab fitting
  • CCFL back-lights
  • Sheet metal welding
  • optical module

Processing example

processing example MR head for HDD
Precision processing
of MR head
component of HDD.