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Comment Special & Advantage Specification
M801C / M801CH
Body Laser Head
Wave length 1.06μm
Ave. power 50W ave.
Max output energy 50J/pulse (@pulse width 10ms)
Pulse width 0.3 - 20ms(0.1ms step)
Beam diameter 6mm(@OSC)
Beam divergence < 15mrad
Registered condition 32
Energy control 0.1ms unit, 197 steps (max. 20ms)
Operating panel LCD touch panel
Equipment dimension W 550 x L 1,035 x H1,000 mm excluding operating panel
Weight Water cooled type Approx. 200kg, Air cooled type Approx. 210kg excluding cooling water
Optics Including visible guide light
Ext. shutter 1pc @OSC (Standard), each optical path (option)
Electrical connection Voltage AC200/220±10V 50/60Hz 3 phase
Current Max 16A
Cooling Common spec in both water and air cooling type
Water tank Approx.16l
Including drain hose
Including water temperature sensor
Including water level sensor
Deionized Resin P7033B (Cartridge type)
Circulating water Deionized water ( <2μS /cm)
Water cooled type
Environmental temperature 5- 35℃
Water flow rate <10l / min , Intermittent flow with electromagnetic valve
Water Pressure 0.15 - 0.5Pa ( Possible to confirm with manometer )
Water temperature 15- 25℃
Hose connection 12mm Dia.
Water quality Tap water
Air cooling type
Environmental temperature 5- 28℃
Fan 4 air fans
Blower intake areas Right and left side ( Keep more than 50cm space on either side)
Vent Back side ( Keep more than 70cm space)
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