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Comment Special  & Advantage Specification
LASERSERVER M802E / M803E / M806E / M806E-C
High grade welding
Prevents splitting through high repetition
Plate SUS304 SUS304
Base SUS440C SUS440C
Photo of bead surface
Photo of bead crosscut
Pulse energy 3.2J/F 2.7J/P
Number of pulse repetitions 15pps 90pps
Depth of fusion 0.409mm 0.443mm
Nugget diameter 0.859mm 0.952mm
Split in bead surface Present Absent
User friendly
The touch screen panel and interactive software make operating the unit a breeze.
Touch screen panel
Touch screen panel
Interactive software
Interactive software
Remote monitoring (optional)
Remote monitoring by the latest computers
Servers synchronized via a corporate LAN can now bring together control operations. Lightning fast, precise responses are now possible no matter what the time.
Remote monitoring (optional)
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