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Comment Special & Advantage Specification
LASERSERVER M802E / M803E / M806E / M806E-C
These units are high grade pulse laser processing units suited to high speed welding of metal parts and high speed cutting of thin sheet metal. The body, which incorporates a cooler, is packed with features.
Special & Advantages
The unique DSP enables speedy, very stable, digital control
The LCD touch screen panel allowing simple operations, the interactive software and the various energy control functions all combine to control heat warping and minimize welding defects.
Choose according to use
There are four types: the M802E (200W), the M803E (300W), the M806E (600W: the standard type) and the M806E-C (600W: the precision processing type which can use 300μm fibers). The Laserservers come with various options including an energy super-stabilizer and network monitoring, making them user friendly units.
Battery seal welding
Pressure sensory diaphragm welding
Vehicle body 3D cutting/welding
Camera/PC chassis 3D cutting/welding
Processing example
Battery seal welding
Battery seal welding
Seal welding for flat batteries used in mobile telephones and the like.
Valve parts
Valve parts
Welding of valves used as automotive components.
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