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Comment Special  & Advantage Specification
LD pumped Nd: YAG/Nd: YLF laser SL18X series
Laser properties
Laser processing with minimal thermal denaturation
Because very short pulse oscillations of some nanoseconds are possible, we have developed excellent laser processing properties with minimal thermal denaturation.
Stable Q switch pulse
Stable Q switch pulse
Stable single mode
The laser beam mode is important for effective results of some laser processing. Our laser oscillators generate very stable single-mode (TEM00) beam with less pertubation among their Q-switch pulses.
Pure single mod
Pure single mod
Abundant variation
We have an abundant variation of laser wavelengths with SHG (0.53μm) and THG (0.35μm).
Very stable laser oscillations
The standard fitting out with fast pulse suppressors allow for very stable laser oscillations.
Real time control
The built in power monitor enables real time control of laser output.
Easy systemization
The abundant external interfaces makes systemization through connections with external devices easy.
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