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Comment Special  & Advantage Specification
LD pumped Nd: YAG laser SL188 series
Laser properties
Superior performance and excellent reliability
The pumping cavity design of SL 188 series is based on “SNIPER structure” used in over kW class high power laser welder (SL545 series) which has proven its excellent reliability in car/heavy industry.
All solid-state LD Pumped
The frequency of maintenance can be heavily reduced due to LD pumped all solid-state laser system.
Wavelength conversion
High output power with high repetition rate
OLFT’s original internal resonator frequency conversion system (COSMIC system *) realizes both high SHG/THG conversion efficiency and the world’s highest level output power (SHG >100W, THG >50W).
*patent pending
Excellent processing efficiency
SHG/THG can efficiently process to the metals with a high reflection (such as copper) and with a low absorption (such as Si wafer) for Nd:YAG fundamental wavelength.
High pulse stability
Our original SHG/THG coversion system realized very stable laser pulses. Therefore, even the stability of SHG/THG laser pulse is equivalent to the fundamental's.

The level of stability at the time a THG 50W pulse is produced.
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