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Item Specifications Remarks
Model and Output power SL436R - MX: 6W@10kHz
SL436R - 5E: 6W@10kHz
SL436R - 5ES: 4W@10kHz
MX: Yb: fiber laser (wavelength 1062nm)
5E: Nd: YAG laser (wavelength 1064nm)
5ES: Nd:YAG laser (wavelength 532nm)
Field size 80×20mm
Trimming speed (max) 400mm/s
Positioning Repeatability ±10μm Short time
Positioning accuracy ±25μm Excluding hysteresis and
temperature drift
Monitor magnification x35 - x70
XY stage Repeatability ±5μm AC servo motor driven
Probe unit Probe card up and down AC servo motor driven
Probe unit stroke 1~10mm
Down position teaching is possible.
DC scanner 192ch H: 96ch , L: 96ch
Resistance measurement range 1Ω - 100MΩ (Standard) Accuracy ±0.01% of value (Mid range)
0.01 - 1Ω Option
100MΩ - 1GΩ Option
Computer PC - AT HDD, DVD
color LCD display
Software TKY Program OS : WINDOWS 7 (2015 -)
  * WINDOWS XP (- 2014)
Safety Laser Class 1
Pattern recognition system Search area
640×480 pixel
By the monitor magnification
Utility Dimension: 855 (W) x 1330 (D) x 1340 (H)
       not including display and signal tower.
Weight: less than 800kg
Power: AC 200V±20V 1φ, 20A (50/60Hz)
Air: Dry Air (0.5Mpa)
Option ・0603 Up Grade
(θ table+External Monitor)
・Auto Loader: 4 magazines
(3 on supply side and 1 on housing side)
・Dust collector unit
・Probe card
・Additional DC scanner max480ch