High accuracy / high speed Laser trimming

Laser Trimmer SL43X Series

Two types of trimmers are available. The one is “Function trimmer” that performs trimming while the electronic circuit is operating, Another one is “Chip resistor trimmer” exclusively for chip resistors.

Laser Trimmer SL43X Series


task_altHigh accuracy / high speed Laser trimming

Supporting trimming for Ultra low resistance and Ultra high resistance. *In case of equipping option board

High accuracy / high speed Laser trimming

task_altResistance value distribution (Initial value before trimming)

Possible to respond to customer requests by customizing based on our abundant experience.

Resistance value distribution

task_altEquipped with our in-house laser

Line up for high-quality solid-state laser (1064 nm, 532 nm). And added Laser trimmer equipping oscillator SL186C which has high power YAG laser (double compared with other model) also into line up. Also Fiber laser type is available.

Equipped with our in-house laser

About Automation

Please feel free to contact us if you need this laser unit for your experimental development or also automated equipment including transportation/supplying process of substrates.