Realizing high-quality processing with less heat effects

Laser Fine Processing Machine SL527A / B Series

Providing general-purpose processing solutions for high-mix low-volume production and prototype production.

Laser Fine Processing Machine SL527A / B Series


task_altVarious choice of light sources and optical systems

Possible to select laser beam source and optical unit upon allocation, target material & etc.

SL527 Series Pulse Width
Picosecond Nanosecond
Wavelength 532 nm
355 nm

task_altRealizing excellent operability

Excellent operability due to its extensive functions such as processing data editing, processing quality adjustment settings, and observation functions. Layer processing is available by parameter setting with excellent operability by GUI (T-LASE * in-house developed) Layer processing by Z-axis operation.

Realizing excellent operability

task_altIndividual support is also available.

Possible to consultation for auxiliary peripheral function and customized optical units. Realizing simultaneous multi-point processing by using a diffractive optical element (DOE) with laser beam is split into multiple parts.

Individual support is also available


Cu sheet lattice Cutting

Cu sheet lattice cutting

Aluminum sheet Lattice Cutting

Aluminum sheet lattice cutting

Battery Cu Tab cutting (Image)

Battery cu tab cutting (Image)

Battery Aluminum Tab cutting (Image)

Battery aluminum tab cutting (Image)

Polyimide cutting

Polyimide cutting

Epoxy Resin Cutting

Epoxy resin cutting

Processing of Suction Rubber Pads

Processing of suction rubber pads


Model SL527AS SL527AT SL527BS SL527BT
Laser type Picosecond Picosecond Nanosecond Nanosecond
Wavelength 532 nm 355 nm 532 nm 355 nm
Pulse Width <15 ps <25 ns


SUS lattice processing

Polyimide cutting and drilling

About Automation

Please feel free to contact us if you need this laser unit for your experimental development or also automated equipment including transportation/supplying process of substrates.