Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

We will provide better products and better services with customer at first priority.

Environmental Policy

TOWA Laserfront Corporation recognizes that protection of the global environment is an important issue shared by the entire human race. Through all of our business activities, we provide the market with “new products, new merchandise and services” by means of environmentally friendly technological development and contribute to reducing the global environmental impact.
1.Fully understanding the global environmental aspects of our business activities, products and services, we will make every effort to prevent global environmental pollution and counter global warming.
2.We will comply with environmental laws and regulations related to our business activities, products and services.
3.We engage in the following as the key tasks for our business activities, products, and services.

(1)Promotion of green design taking into account life cycle, with low environmental impact.
(2)Promotion of green procurement encouraging the supply chain for low environmental impact.
(3)Reduction and control in the use of environmentally hazardous chemical substances
(4)Continuous efforts to save energy and resources in our business activities

4.To achieve this Environmental Policy, we set strategic targets, formulate specific steps for realizing them, set indexes for measuring the results quantitatively, and make efforts to ensure continuous improvements.

  • April 1, 2021
  • President and CEO Noboru Hayasaka