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製品画像LD励起Nd:YAG/Nd:YLFレーザ SL180シリーズ
Laser oscillator
We incorporate laser oscillator technology which has a proven track record in industry into designs for the latest medical specifications to provide laser medical equipment that can be trusted. Since it allows for minimally invasive treatment, we help improve patients’ quality of life.
Special & Advantages
Medical applications
Laser has found its way to the medical arena since the thermal component of the laser can be used for operations on living organisms to make incisions, for transpiration, to promote clotting, stop bleeding and so on.
Optimizing laser’s properties
The absorption properties to water which makes up 70% or more of a organism varies according to the wavelength of light. Lasers can be applied in dentistry and other medical fields by optimizing properties (wavelength and concentration of optical energy)
Addressing the latest medical specifications
Laserfront provides the Er:YAG laser oscillator (wavelength 2.94μm) and the Nd:YAG laser oscillator (wavelength 1.06μm) as ways of addressing designs for the latest medical specifications.
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