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Comment Special & Advantage Specification
SL436R Series
The SL436R is a laser trimming unit dedicated to chip resistors and network resistors. The trimming is high precision and high speed. The compact unit is packed with advanced features that surpass conventional units.
Special & Advantages
Trimming: Improved operability & enhanced processing capacity
We have improved operability and enhanced the trimming processing capacity by combining the Windows and real-time operating systems.
Improved processing speed!
We have improved the processing speed by employing new measurement devices, a high-speed, high-precision beam positioner, and a speed-enhanced XY table, auto-loader and probe unit.
Takes up even less space
By fitting out the units with an fiber laser, we have reduced space to a minimum (20% less space occupied compared to the previous model).
Chip resistors (1608 & 1005)
Miniature chip resistors (0603 & 0402)
Multiple chip resistors
Network resistors
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