Contribution for improving traceability of semiconductor manufacturing process

Wafer Marker SL473 Series

Wide products lineup not only for the marking on Si, GaAs wafer, but also for SiC, GaN, other wafer. Contribution for improving traceability of semiconductor manufacturing process with wide products line up for various wafer material, size, and production capacity

Wafer Marker SL473 Series


task_altStable marking with good visibility

Stable marking with good visibility by suitable laser oscillator for target wafer materials and the automated laser-power compensation function

Stable marking with good visibility

task_altEasy operation with high versatility

Easy operation changing recipes for marking on various different wafer sizes and materials.
(Option: Multiple wafer size, reverse-side marking)

task_altExtensive options and expandability

Online communication protocol, Wafer ID reader, Marking inspection function, Dust collector unit

Extensive options and expandability

High-throughput Model

SL473FS / FT Series

Line up of two models: for 2-carrier and 4-carrier

SL473FS / FT Series



SL473FS Series: Soft marking for Si wafer, GaAs and InP wafer

SL473FT Series: SiC, GaN wafer and above mentioned wafer

soft marking


Model SL473FS Series SL473FT Series
Laser Type Nd: YAG-SHG laser
Wavelength: 532 nm
Nd: YLF-THG laser
Wavelength: 349 nm
Number of port for Carrier 2 or 4
Wafer Size 4, 5, 6, 8 Inch each
(Option: Multiple size)
Dimensions [mm] (*1) Approx. 1,220 (W) x 1,244 (D) x 1,492 (H) ㎜ (2 carrier model)
Approx. 1,220 (W) x 1,646 (D) x 1,492 (H) ㎜ (4 carrier model)
Weight(Main body) 850 kg (2 carrier model)
900 kg (4 carrier model)
  • (*1) It does not include protrusions